Ergonomic Desk

These days, children and adults are expected to sit at a desk and study for longer and longer periods of time. However, most of us are working on a table that just isn’t suited to your height, and are in need of a table that is made just for you or your family! The closer you work, the more your eyes have to strain! This leads to sore, tired eyes; and develops myopia (short-sightedness) to cope with the strain. Our ergonomic desk is designed to maximise comfort and efficiency by being fully height and slant adjustable for children aged from 4 all the way to adulthood.


  • Prevents early myopia (short-sightedness)
  • Prevents scoliosis (side-ways curved spine)
  • Optimum reading/working distance for relaxed eyes
  • Optimum arm position for typing
  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Tilt-adjustable from 0° to 75° to help with assist correct natural posture
  • Ergonomic desk design relieves stress on spine and neck
  • Height-adjustable and suitable for heights ranging from 110cm to 180cm.

Purchase an Ergonomic Desk

Grace and Vision Optometrists have secured high-quality ergonomic desks suitable for both adults and children to ensure correct posture and optimal reading position. Desks come in two styles: 120cm (as shown in the pictures above) and 100cm. Please see in store for the 100cm desk option. 



120cm Desk $1099. Sale price $799 Colours available: Beech Wood, White/Pink, White/Blue and White/Green

100cm Desk $1199. Sale price $600 Colours available: Wood/Orange, Wood/Pink, Wood/Blue, Wood/Grey

Chair $399. Sale price $269 Colours available: Blue, Pink & Green

Set SpecialsSave up to 50%!

120cm Desk Packages: 
Desk & Shelf $1299. Sale price $849
Desk & Chair $1498. Sale price $899
Desk, Shelf & Chair $1798. Sale price $959
1o0cm Desk Packages:
Desk & Chair $1598. Sale price $699

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