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Vision Therapy

Helping you reach your maximum visual potential

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Using advanced technology to detect a range of eye conditions

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At Grace & Vision Optometrist, we have qualified and highly trained staff to help answer any of your questions. Our practice is equipped with advanced eye testing instruments and a wide range of services to suit every individual’s needs.


We also have a wide selection of fashion glasses and sunglasses to choose from.


Visit our practice on Brisbane’s southside to view the latest range of designer frames and sunglasses. Or book an appointment today for an eye test and professional advice about any vision concerns.


Ortho K

Orthokeratology (Ortho­K) offers a non-surgical alternative for myopia control by reshaping your cornea while you sleep. 

Children's Vision

Our goal is to achieve the clearest vision possible and optimal visual performance for your children.

Our Technology

We continually invest in advanced eye care equipment to ensure the highest level of care for our patients.

Are you suffering from
Visual Dysfunction?

Many people might not be aware that they are showing symptoms of Visual Dysfunction.  Take our simple 2-minute questionnaire for an initial assessment and advice from our expert & caring team.

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Have a look at the various special offers on frames, lenses, sunglasses, contact lenses and eyewear accessories available at Grace & Vision Optometrist.

Latest News & Articles

Maintaining healthy vision while WFH

Maintaining healthy vision while WFH

To our dear friends and patients, With COVID-19 restricting movements outside of the home, we are now strongly encouraged to stay indoors. But what do most adults and children do when at home? They play video games and work at their computers for hours and hours. Lack...

Our response to Coronavirus

[26/10/20 Edit] An updated list of precautionary measures below: COVID-19 safety precautions You may wear a mask if you feel comfortable doing so when coming into the practice. If you do not own a mask, they can be purchased at $2 each for you to wear when inside the...

Digital eyestrain holding you back?

Digital eyestrain holding you back?

Do you experience eye strain from computer use? We break down all you need to know about the causes and treatments to reduce digital eye strain! When you work at a computer for any length of time, it`s common to experience eye strain/fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes,...

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Situated in Runcorn, on the southside of Brisbane, we service customers across all of South East Queensland and afar. Feel free to contact us about any vision or eye care concerns for you and your family.  Please call 3345 3383 for more information!

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