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5 Step Dispensing Process

Pursuing Excellence in Vision Care & Fitting

At Grace & Vision Optometrist, we strive to deliver excellent vision care service, supply quality frames and create a smooth customer experience.

We have developed a 5 step dispensing process to ensure maximum care for our patients throughout the vision fitting process.

woman checking eye glasses frames store

Step 1 – Frame Selection

  • Nose – A-fit, wide fit, narrow fit
  • Ear – temple length
  • Eye size – decentration, width for comfort, gap
  • Weight
  • Style

Step 2 – Lens Selection

  • Lens type selection to match lifestyle needs
  • Lens design selection to improve visual comfort
  • Lens thickness selection to improve weight and aesthetic look
  • Lens extras to improve convenience
  • Lens coating
  • Finance

Step 3 – Personalised Measurement

  • Pupil distance
  • Pupil height
  • Distance between eye and lens
  • Curvature of the frame to your face 

Step 4- 4 Levels of Quality Control

  • Two levels of checking before sending out
  • Two levels of checking after receiving glasses from the lab (make sure it matches our request) 

Step 5 – Dedicated 1-on-1 Frame Adjusment

  • Nose pads adjustment
  • Temple length/width adjustment
  • Lens distance and frame wrap adjustment
  • Glasses care demonstration 

Grace & Vision Optometry accepts all major health funds

Use your optical health funds benefits on a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. 

Doctors Health Fund
CBHS Health Optometrists
Credit Union Australia
Defence Health Fund
Apia Optometrists
Australian Unity
Uni Health Optometrists
Teachers Health Optometrists
Teachers Union Health Fund
Optometrist Frank Health Insurance

... and many more. Feel free to contact us if you don't see your health fund.