Personalised Lens Experience

Personalised lens experience tailored to meet your unique vision needs

The Visioffice 3 combines precise measurements to create lenses tailored specifically to individual eye characteristics and visual habits.

With the Visioffice 3, we can obtain comprehensive data about individual eye movements, head posture, and visual behaviour, allowing them to craft lenses that provide optimal vision correction and comfort.

Personalised lens measurements are available for:

  • Single vision lenses
  • Multifocal lenses
  • Anti-fatigue lenses
  • Extended focus lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Transition lenses

Visioffice 3

Visioffice 3 technology offers personalised products to the highest extent, making the lenses adapt to you and not the other way around.

With advanced facial recognition, enhanced accuracy, and 3D simulation capabilities, patients can now see exactly how their glasses will look and fit. Additionally, Visioffice 3 offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the measurement process and produces accurate results in minutes.

Technology Features

The Visioffice 3 is able to obtain high precision measurements using its 3D reconstruction technology, including:

Pupillary distances and fitting heights

To precisely centre the lens in front of your eye.

Centre of rotation of the eye

A live, three-dimensional (3D) measurement of the human eye is performed to determine the exact position of the eye rotation centre (ERC). This builds the very unique code of each eye, which forms the foundation of lens individualization based on the physiology of each wearer.

Pantoscopic tilt and wrap angle

Measures the exact distance from eye to frame to fine-tune your prescription to provide the clearest view.

visioffice 3 eye measurement

Sighting dominant eye

Your dominant eye is the eye that provides a slightly greater degree of input to the visual part of your brain and more accurately relays information about the location of objects. The dominant eye is typically more comfortably used for distance viewing, while the non-dominant eye prefers near viewing. This information is used to perfectly and comfortably correct vision in the glasses.

Reading distance

Visioffice takes this into account when designing multifocal lenses to produce optimal viewing comfort at all distances.

3D Head posture analysis (H3D)

The natural head posture has a very significant impact on centration measurements. H3D analyzes in real time the head posture down to 1/10 mm and one degree accuracy. Thus offering a greater level of comfort for the patient.

Advantages of  Visioffice 3

  • Precise measurements to capture highly accurate and detailed measurements of your individual visual parameters
  • Tailored lens design  to optimise your visual comfort and performance with enhanced clarity and reduced visual fatigue
  • Improved visual experience that offer optimized visual acuity, wider fields of view, and minimised distortions
  • Enhanced comfort with lenses that are precisely aligned with your eyes, ensuring a comfortable fit and reducing issues like eyestrain and headaches
  • Customised lens solutions by providing lens options that best suit your lifestyle and visual needs

Who is suitable?

  • Prescription glasses wearers
  • Those seeking enhanced visual comfort
  • Active lifestyle individuals
  • People with multiple visual requirements
  • Individuals with astigmatism or complex prescriptions
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Our Glasses Quality Guarantee

Is there anything I should think about when taking my prescription somewhere else to get glasses made?

Absolutely! When we prescribe glasses, we take into account various factors:

Lens Optics & Frame Selection

  • We check the fitting of the frame around your nose and ears
  • We look for the most suitable frame to give you the optimum optical effect
  • All our lenses are specially selected by optometrists to give the best comfort and clarity. Our lens manufacturer has been creating optical lenses since 1849.
    • The lenses are made using cutting-edge technology to provide sharp vision, comfort and effortless adaptation.
    • Lenses are made from superior material, just like the lenses of a professional photographer’s camera.
    • The lenses also come with superior lens coatings.

Other stores may use generic brand lenses to reduce the cost, whereas we choose experienced manufacturers to provide you with the best optical care. Our standard level lenses may well be the premium products other places offer. Even though the number in the prescription is the same, the design and optical quality of the lenses will still be different.

Extensive quality control measures

Our many stages of quality control stations mean that you can be rest assured to collect your glasses trouble-free. We actively prevent problems instead of letting our patients tell us about them. Therefore, we subject every glasses job to the following quality measures:

  1. Detailed and optimised measurement of the pupil distances and optical height measurements for your specific needs.
  2. Two-person check of the order before sending it out to the lab
  3. When the glasses come back, it has to pass our two quality control stations before it reaches you.
    • Accurate prescription and optical measurements
    • Lenses are scratch-free
    • Coating quality
    • Frame quality
    • Nosepads and temples pre-adjusted for optimal fit
    • Lens screws lacquered tight
  4. Because all of the above can make a huge difference in visual clarity and comfort, if there are any faults found during quality control, we will reject the job and request a remake.

It is not guaranteed other stores will take these steps to look after each glasses job.

Lifetime Adjustments

We know that frames can become loose over time, or need tweaking to get back into shape! We provide unlimited adjustments on our frames, and free nose-pad replacements.

When it comes to our glasses, we can be proud to say that we have extremely low remake rates and easy adaptation.

Grace & Vision Optometry accepts all major health funds

Use your optical health funds benefits on a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. 

Doctors Health Fund
CBHS Health Optometrists
Credit Union Australia
Defence Health Fund
Apia Optometrists
Australian Unity
Uni Health Optometrists
Teachers Health Optometrists
Teachers Union Health Fund
Optometrist Frank Health Insurance

... and many more. Feel free to contact us if you don't see your health fund.