What is Behavioural Optometry?

Our philosophy is to proactively prevent and treat ocular conditions, rather than waiting for a problem to arise before acting. 

Vision problems can exist despite having healthy eyes and seeing clearly, as difficulties can occur in eye muscle control and coordination.

Behavioural Optometry considers your vision in relation to your visual demands, such as reading, computers, and learning to read and write, to ensure your vision is working easily and comfortably. This is why our care involves more than just measuring your sight on a distance chart.

Woman at the optometrist

Goals of Behavioural Optometry

  • To prevent vision and eye problems from developing or deteriorating.
  • To provide treatment for vision problems (eg. short-sightedness, eye turn, etc).


  • To ensure the visual abilities needed in the classroom, workplace, when playing sport and using computers, are developed normally and working well.
School girl wearing glasses using laptop
Senior man wearing glasses reading

Grace & Vision Optometry accepts all major health funds

Use your optical health funds benefits on a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. 

Doctors Health Fund
CBHS Health Optometrists
Credit Union Australia
Defence Health Fund
Apia Optometrists
Australian Unity
Uni Health Optometrists
Teachers Health Optometrists
Teachers Union Health Fund
Optometrist Frank Health Insurance

... and many more. Feel free to contact us if you don't see your health fund.