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Lens Add On's


Enhanced transparency, durability, ease of care and protection for your eyes and lenses
Thinner lenses for those with higher prescriptions
Colour-changing lenses that shift with light conditions

Anti-Reflective (AR) Lens Coating

Enjoy the carefree feeling that comes from enhanced transparency, durability, ease of care and protection for your eyes and lenses.

Anti-reflection coating amplifies visual correction by providing the following benefits:

  • Resists scratches
  • Easier to clean
  • Repels water
  • Repels dust
  • Reflects UV radiation

Talk to our friendly staff about lens coating options for your next pair of glasses!

Benefits of anti-reflective coating

See better

Anti-reflection lenses mean safer, more comfortable night-time driving by reducing reflections and ghost from headlights, taillights and street lights and improving contrast

Look better

Anti-reflection lenses are clean, clear, and reflection-free so they’re virtually invisible to those around you. People see your eyes instead of your lenses.

Feel better

Anti-reflection lenses mean less eye fatigue caused by reflections and ghost images from computer screens and interior lighting.

Superior UV protection

Provides the best-in-class UV protection with an E-SPF rating of 35 and protects the eyes from UV, a known risk factor for skin cancer around the eyes.

Safer night driving

Objects can fade into the darkness due to poor contrast, disrupting your vision. Using premium Anti-Reflection Coating helps improve contrast and reduce glare which makes it easier to drive at night.

*Blue glare protective coating has a slight yellow tint. It is therefore not suitable for those who need to see true colour in detail e.g. designers, photographers.

Michael Kors Eyewear Women Staring

Left: Untreated lens. Right: Lens treated with anti-reflective coating

Lens Coating Options

Standard coating 

A standard level of lens protection and clarity.

Premium coating

Exceptional anti-reflection performance is bolstered with scratch, smudge, dust and water resistance, for transparency that stands the test of life.

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Blue-light coating

A protective coating applied to the surface of the lens to filter blue light.

*Blue glare protective coating has a slight yellow tint. It is therefore not suitable for those who need to see true colour in detail e.g. designers, photographers.

In-built blue light filter

All the benefits of a blue-glare coating, without the yellow tint.

Blue light is naturally produced by the sun and in much smaller amounts by computer monitors, smartphone screens and other digital devices, as well as LED and fluorescent lights and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Blue light may contribute to digital eye strain for the many people spend at least 12 hours a day in front of a screen, though it takes as little as one hour of smartphone use for digital eye strain symptoms to appear. Tired, red, itchy eyes are all common results of staring at screens for too long.

Blue-Violet light filtration
Increases contrast and may help reduce eye fatigue when using screens

Aesthetically clear
Lenses are clear to look through, improving aesthetics and is ideal for those who need to see true colour in detail e.g. designers, photographers.

UV protection

Provides additional protection for your eyes from UVA and UVB rays

Click here to find out more about Blue Light and how it can contribute to Digital Eye Strain.

High-index (thinner lenses)

Did you know that the weight of your glasses is not only affected by the frame you choose, but also your prescription?

Generally, the higher your prescription, the thicker the lens.


Lens Thickness Diagram

High-index material is thinner and lighter than the standard

Ideal for those with prescriptions >2.50D

High index lens materials bend light more efficiently to make your lenses noticeably thinner, lighter and more attractive.

As a general rule, the higher the index, the thinner the lens, with the thinnest lens (1.74) being at least 50% thinner than conventional lenses (1.5).

Choosing frames for a lighter pair of glasses

The size and shape of your frames will also affect the thickness of your lenses, especially if your prescription is high. This is because there is physically more lens in the frames, and for myopic or near-sighted people, lenses become increasingly thicker towards the edge of the lens.

Therefore choosing a smaller, well-centred frame can greatly reduce the thickness and weight of the lenses. In saying this, for those wanting to keep on-trend with large frames, you also have the option of choosing high index lenses.

Click here for more info on how to choose the thinnest and lightest glasses.

Transition (colour-changing lenses)

Perfect lens for everyday life, constantly adapting to all light situations for clearer vision, more comfort and better protection, without comprising on style and fashion.

Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™ lenses are now available in seven vibrant colours, allowing you to personalise any frame to match your style and personality.

  • Convenient for people on the go
  • Fully clear indoors
  • Darkens outdoors in seconds
  • Returns to clear faster than ever
  • Protects your eyes outdoors
Talk to our friendly staff about Transition lenses for your next pair of glasses!

Transition lenses are made from a special photochromic material that automatically darkens when moving into a brighter area. Transition lenses are designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, while also providing the convenience of clear lenses indoors.

Transition Lenses come in 4 options:

Standard Transition

Fully clear to dark. Perfect for everyday use


20% tint to extra dark. Tints even when driving

Polarised Xtractive

20% tint to extra dark. Polarised when tinted


60% tint to extra dark. Polarised. Maroon/brown lens colour allows for high contrast viewing with minimised glare.

Benefits of Transition lenses


Eliminate the need to constantly switch between regular glasses and sunglasses

UV Protection

100% UV protection from harmful UV rays

Eye Strain Reduction

Reduce eye strain by automatically adjusting to the lighting conditions

Blue Light Filter

Filters blue light indoors and outdoors

Enhance Visual Comfort

Provide visual comfort by reducing glare and enhancing contrast

Available in a Range of Colours

To match your style and preferences. Such as grey, brown, green, amethyst, sapphire, amber, and emerald.

transition lenses colours chart

Things to be aware of

  • Takes time to fully activate and clear between going indoors and outdoors, and vice versa.
Transitions Gen 8 Lenses

For tailored advice on available options

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Our Glasses Quality Guarantee

Is there anything I should think about when taking my prescription somewhere else to get glasses made?

Absolutely! When we prescribe glasses, we take into account various factors:

Lens Optics & Frame Selection

  • We check the fitting of the frame around your nose and ears
  • We look for the most suitable frame to give you the optimum optical effect
  • All our lenses are specially selected by optometrists to give the best comfort and clarity. Our lens manufacturer has been creating optical lenses since 1849.
    • The lenses are made using cutting-edge technology to provide sharp vision, comfort and effortless adaptation.
    • Lenses are made from superior material, just like the lenses of a professional photographer’s camera.
    • The lenses also come with superior lens coatings.

Other stores may use generic brand lenses to reduce the cost, whereas we choose experienced manufacturers to provide you with the best optical care. Our standard level lenses may well be the premium products other places offer. Even though the number in the prescription is the same, the design and optical quality of the lenses will still be different.

Extensive quality control measures

Our many stages of quality control stations mean that you can be rest assured to collect your glasses trouble-free. We actively prevent problems instead of letting our patients tell us about them. Therefore, we subject every glasses job to the following quality measures:

  1. Detailed and optimised measurement of the pupil distances and optical height measurements for your specific needs.
  2. Two-person check of the order before sending it out to the lab
  3. When the glasses come back, it has to pass our two quality control stations before it reaches you.
    • Accurate prescription and optical measurements
    • Lenses are scratch-free
    • Coating quality
    • Frame quality
    • Nosepads and temples pre-adjusted for optimal fit
    • Lens screws lacquered tight
  4. Because all of the above can make a huge difference in visual clarity and comfort, if there are any faults found during quality control, we will reject the job and request a remake.

It is not guaranteed other stores will take these steps to look after each glasses job.

Lifetime Adjustments

We know that frames can become loose over time, or need tweaking to get back into shape! We provide unlimited adjustments on our frames, and free nose-pad replacements.

When it comes to our glasses, we can be proud to say that we have extremely low remake rates and easy adaptation.

Grace & Vision Optometry accepts all major health funds

Use your optical health funds benefits on a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses. 

Doctors Health Fund
CBHS Health Optometrists
Credit Union Australia
Defence Health Fund
Apia Optometrists
Australian Unity
Uni Health Optometrists
Teachers Health Optometrists
Teachers Union Health Fund
Optometrist Frank Health Insurance

... and many more. Feel free to contact us if you don't see your health fund.