Childrens Vision / Paediatric Optometry

Our goal is to assist every child to achieve the clearest vision possible and optimal visual performance. We work closely with families, schools, doctors and other professionals to provide the highest level of care to benefit of your child.

One in four children in Australia have undetected vision problems because children often assume their vision is the same as everyone else.

Conditions such as lazy eye (ambyopia), turned eye (strabismus), eye teaming, eye tracking, and colour vision deficiencies are best detected at an early age to maximize their learning potential through school. Therefore children should have their eyes tested at:

  • 2 years old
  • Yearly between pre-school and Grade 3
  • Late primary school

We are passionate about children’s vision.

Services we offer for children’s vision:

  • Vision reports for schools, doctors, and other professionals.
  • Vision Therapy (View) to train the two eyes to work and move more efficiently.
  • Visual performance test (View) for children experiencing developmental or learning difficulties.
  • Readalyzer assessment. Infra-red eye movement device to show how the eyes scan with reading.

Tips for anxious children

If your child can tend to be anxious when visiting the doctor or meeting new people

It’s a great idea for nervous children to observe a parent/family member’s eye test first.

Introducing the eye test in this way can help anxious children understand the flow of the test, get familiar with the optometrist, and discover that there is nothing to be frightened of!

We test all ages from 1 to 100, so feel free to bring your whole family in for comprehensive eye care.

1 in 4 children in Australia have undetected vision problems.

The following signs indicate that your child may need to have their eyes examined:

  • Problems seeing the TV or blackboard
  • Holding things too close to the face
  • Eye rubbing or excessive blinking
  • Poor attention span or memory
  • Avoidance of close work
  • Covering one eye or tilting the head when reading
  • Learning difficulties
  • An eye which seems to turn in or out, particularly when they are tired
  • Complaining of double vision
  • Complaining of sore eyes or headaches

When there is a history of headaches, turned eye, learning difficulties or problems concentrating, we also examine binocular vision (the way your eyes work as a team) and visual perceptual skills. 

We also offer a Visual Performance Test which assesses the eyes abilities to allow efficient learning in school. Click the button below to take the quiz!

We test more than just how clear your eyesight is, but also how your eyes process and interpret what you see.

Grace & Vision Optometry accepts all major health funds

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