Orthokeratology (Ortho K)

Slow progression of short-sightedness
At Grace & Vision Optometrist, we have been successfully prescribing Orthokeratology lenses since 2003.


What is Orthokeratology (Ortho K)?

Orthokeratology (Ortho­K) treats vision using special lenses that gently rest on the surface of the eye to reshape the cornea while you sleep.  This procedure allows clear day time vision without any glasses or contact lenses, and has the added benefit of being the best method proven to slow the progression of myopia (shortsightedness).

Source: Optical Zone Plano
Key Information about Orthokeratology?


  • Reduces the progression of short-sightedness in children
  • It is a non-surgical alternative for short-sightedness
  • Highly oxygen permeable treatment lens materials that enable safe overnight wear.
  • It is reversible, with your cornea shape returning to its original state within a few days after discontinuing lens wear
  • No daytime wear of correction lenses needed
  • Great for patients who suffer from dry eyes
  • Prescribed by qualified Optometrists with over 15 years experience prescribing OrthoK lenses.


  • Complications similar to normal contact lens wear are possible such as corneal ulcers. This tends to relate to substandard levels of patient lens care and patients who do not attend their aftercare visits.
  • The ongoing health and safety of your and/or your child’s eyes is our greatest concern, and we strive to ensure the highest level of clinical care. That is why we recommend an aftercare visit every 6 months.
  • Before treatment commences, we will ask you to sign an informed consent form that outlines your ongoing responsibility for lens care and hygiene.

Who Is Suitable For Orthokeratology?

  • Age is not a key determinant of suitability.
  • Our patients are instructed to be fully independent with all lens care procedures including insertion, removal and cleaning of lenses.
    • In cases where the child is not yet ready to learn to manage the lenses themselves, we can teach parents to aid in the process until the child is more confident.
  • Those who have short sightedness less than -6 and long sightedness up to +3 and astigmatism less than -3.5 dioptres are suitable.
  • Those with pupils that are larger than normal and those having irregular corneal astigmatism or any corneal disorders such as keratoconus, are generally eliminated as candidates.
  • In addition, successful reshaping also depends on the degree of curvature of the cornea and other individual factors. If you are interested to know whether you are suitable, please make an appointment to see our optometrist.
  • Patients must be motivated!
    • There are many additional steps required for ongoing lens and eye care
    • Initially, OrthoK patients will be required to attend up to 12 early morning appointments

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