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Glaucoma is caused by damage to the optic nerve, and generally doesn’t exhibit any symptoms or warning signs until significant vision loss has occurred. Luckily, treatment is generally simple and effective if caught early on!

Because damage is slow and painless, you may not notice an issue with your eyes until it’s too late. Therefore it’s important to have regular check-ups.


We are equipped with state of the art instruments on top of the standard eye exam procedures:

  • Visual field test (NEW equipment now available from June 2021, pictured below) detects sensitivity of your field of  vision.
    • When: Separate follow-up exam. Included in our ‘Comprehensive glaucoma assessment package’.
    • How: Small spots of light are presented to test and measure sensitivity of vision at different areas around your visual field.
    • What’s new: Faster = More comfortable testing experience.
      Increased sensitivity = Diseases are detected even earlier and easier.
    • Duration: 3-4 mins per eye (50% faster than previous testing methods)


  • OCT imaging provides earlier detection of nerve damage compared to visual field tests. Can pick up glaucoma up to 8 years before a visual field test can alone.
    • When: Separate follow-up exam. Included in our ‘Comprehensive glaucoma assessment package’.
    • How: Non-invasive ultrasound scan to assess the volume of the nerve fibres supplying the optic nerve head
    • Duration: 5 mins per eye


  • AL Scan measurements allow higher accuracy screening for glaucoma risk.
    • When: Separate follow-up exam. Included in our ‘Comprehensive glaucoma assessment package’.
    • How: Non-invasive ultrasound scan to measure central corneal thickness. Thin corneas (less than 545µm) may show artificially low eye pressure and mask the warning signs for glaucoma.
    • Duration: 1 min per eye


  • Digital retinal photographs provide a detailed image of the optic nerve head and give a baseline for comparison for future eye exams.
    • When: One free photograph for all patients. Included in our ‘Comprehensive glaucoma assessment package’.
    • How: Ultra high resolution camera provides detailed imaging of the back of your eye.
    • Duration: 1 min per eye


  • Eye pressure measurements screen for the risk of developing glaucoma.
    • When: Included in all comprehensive eye tests.
    • How: Painless, gentle taps on the surface of the eye.
    • Duration: 2-3 seconds per eye

Above: The NEW Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer. 50% faster and more efficient than previous testing methods


For more information on glaucoma, it’s risks and treatment options, click here!


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