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Getting headaches and sore eyes after using digital devices all day long? Your vision shouldn’t stop you from living your life. That’s why from work to play, we offer premium extended focus lenses to seamlessly capture every detail. 

Extended focus lenses contain an optimised prescription to relieve eye strain and improve clarity.

This also helps to slow down the progression of presbyopia (difficulty seeing near as you age) and other sight changes.

Each section of the lens is customised to a different magnification for each viewing distance. For example:

  • Written notes (20cm)
  • Phone (30cm)
  • Laptop (50cm)
  • Computer (55cm)
  • Across the desk (70cm)
  • Discussing with colleagues (1.5m)

Let our team personally customise your lenses to find the perfect magnification level for optimal visual comfort to suit your work space.


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