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Over the years, we have found that the short-sightedness in young children has been linked to long study periods at distances that were far too close for their eyes. Maintaining this close distance for prolonged periods of time requires an immense amount of focusing power, which causes eye strain, soreness, tiredness and leads to an increased prescription. As a mother, Lucy has also become very frustrated with constantly having to nag her own children to sit up straight when drawing and studying! This is why Lucy has searched the market for a suitable desk and chair for children to study at, without compromising their vision.

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Only $899 (RRP $1798) for a set of ergonomic desk and chair.
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  • Prevents early myopia (short-sightedness)
  • Prevents scoliosis (side-ways curved spine)
  • Relieves stress on spine and neck
  • Optimum reading/working distance for relaxed eyes
  • Optimum arm position for typing
  • Comfortable learning environment

A desk set that grows with your child

  • Height-adjustable
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up
  • Suitable for heights 110cm to 180cm

Childrens Ergonomic Desk Image 5

Tilting Desktop

  • Can be tilted to difference angles for different activities
  • Assists with correct natural posture
  • Flat for typing
  • 20deg for writing
  • 30deg for reading
  • 45deg for drawing

Childrens Ergonomic Desk Image 3

Storage Space / Shelf

  • Tidy tray
  • Flat, non-tilting table on side and top
  • Teaches children to organise their own space
  • Provides your child with their own personal space to give them a sense of pride and ownership of their study area

Childrens Ergonomic Desk Image 2Childrens Ergonomic Desk Image 4

High Quality Materials

  • MDF paneling
  • Steel tube framing
  • Easy-clean desk top
  • Available in colours: Beech wood, white/orange, white/pink, white/blue

Ergonomic chairs

  • Comfortable cushion and back pad made from high density PU moulding foam
  • Static-free and fireproof
  • Lockable wheels for added safety, and to prevent your child’s back from twisting and turning
  • Adjustable height and depth, so it will grow with your child
  • Available in colours: Pink, green, blue

Childrens Ergonomic Chair

Click here or call 07 3345 3383 to order. Pick-up and delivery options available.