Myopia Control

Source: Bright Eyes Family Vision Care

Myopia (or short-sightedness) is becoming a growing epidemic around the world, with prevalence of up to 50% of the Australian population. Myopia occurs due to elongation of the eye, which causes distant objects to become blurry. As the level of myopia increases, patients experience blurrier vision and become more dependent on spectacles or contact lenses for sight. High myopia also increases the risk of early cataracts, glaucoma, myopic maculopathy, and retinal detachment.

What can you do?

Simply allowing your child’s eyes time to relax can be enough to stop or slow the progression of myopia. Such as:

  • Spending more time outdoors
  • Taking regular breaks from near tasks
  • Ensuring good lighting, posture and working distance* when reading
    • Suitable desk height
    • Suitable chair height
    • Reading material tilted at 30 deg angle
    • Refer to our Ergnomic Study Desk for more information (Click Here)
  • Delaying the use of electronic devices
  • Ortho-k lenses
  • Multi-focal contact lenses
  • Fatigue-relieving spectacles
  • Vision therapy

*Adjustable slanted desks are ideal for children as it promotes good working distance and reduces excess strain on the eyes.