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AL Scan for Measuring Myopia

 As myopia increases, the eyeball elongates

The axial length (AL) scan measures the length of the eyeball and is a valuable tool to measure and manage the amount of myopia progression. Compared to the child’s prescription which is a subjective measurement of myopia and can fluctuate depending on the child’s focusing system and how reliably they respond, axial length is an accurate, objective measurement of myopia progression.

This is why we use the myopia control methods in conjunction with the axial length scan to determine how aggressive the myopia progression is and can adjust the myopia control treatment accordingly. Similarly, the axial length scan helps us evaluate the success of the treatment.

Normal review schedule for AL scan

  • Young age and/or fast myopia progression: every 3-4 months for 1-2 years
  • Young age and stable myopia: 6 monthly
  • All myopia control patients: once a year



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