We all know that sunlight contains UV rays that can cause harm to our skin. But did you know that long-term exposure to these rays can also cause eye diseases that contribute to vision loss?

Prescription Polarised Sunglasses are a great way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays when you’re outdoors. Aside from UV protection, polarised sunglasses also reduce the reflection of light from surfaces such as window glass, water, or other reflective surfaces to keep your vision clear and sharp.

What is a ‘Polarised’ lens?

Polarised and non-polarised sunglasses both darken a bright day, but that’s where their similarities end. Polarised lenses are treated with chemicals that stop horizontal light waves from passing through the lens, thus reducing glare. This also reduces reflections and makes daytime driving safer.

a diagram showing how polarised lenses works

Should I choose ‘polarised’ or ‘non-polarised’?

Polarised sunglasses offer many benefits, but there is still a place for non-polarised sunglasses.

A comparison table showing features of polarised and non-polarised lenses.
A comparison between wearing polarised lenses and non-polarised lenses while driving in the car.

How to tell if sunglasses are polarised?

Hold the sunglasses in front of a screen and slowly rotate it. If the lens gets dim or black, it’s proof it is polarized.

an image showing how to test whether the lenses are polarised.
A comparison between polarised and non-polarised view with a woman kayaking.

So what’s the best option for me?

For outdoor enthusiasts: such as fishermen, boaters, golfers, runners and outdoor workers that require optimum help to see through reflective surfaces. This includes road, sea, water, car hoods or other flat surfaces causing reflection.
A comparison between polarised and non-polarised view with a woman kayaking.
For drivers such as Uber mum and dad, bus driver and courier driver. Polarised lenses are also a good option to reduce glare from incoming traffic headlights and surface reflection on a sunny day. If your car has LCD screens such as dashboard controls or GPS, the screen can appear blacked out – more on this in the following paragraph. Pilots, for example, don’t wear polarized sunglasses because it can make their instruments appear blacked-out.
polarised sunglasses
For those using digital screens outdoors such as smart phones, smart watch, laptops, and digital cameras, the screens can sometimes look different when viewed through polarized lenses. For example, screens viewed through polarized lenses can appear slightly faded, depending on the angle from which you’re viewing the screen. While this usually only happens when the screens are rotated at an unusual angle, it’s worth noting that non-polarized sunglasses don’t cause this visual distortion.
For patients who don’t like dark tints such as people with cataracts or fashionistas. Non-polarised tinted sunglasses might be more suitable for patient with cataract. This is because when the outdoor light intensity is already low, polarised sunglasses may further reduce vision. If you are after a specific look, lens companies can tint the lenses into different colour with gradual change with different percentages.

Whether you choose polarised sunglasses or non-polarised sunglasses ultimately comes down to your preferences and how you plan to use your shades. Many people gravitate toward the perks of polarised sunglasses, while others prefer non-polarised shades for a view that’s closer to that of the naked eye. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having one of each kind of sunglasses.


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